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Developing regular exercise habits and modifying behavior patterns that threaten our health is hard. At Motiv8d Trainer, Lisa has the passion, commitment and knowledge to encourage, inspire truth and support the change you seek.

More Than 20 Years of fitness industry Experience

Lisa Priebe is the Motiv8d Trainer – dedicated to finding the best exercise methods, supports and motivation to keep you moving and improving. An experienced instructor, trainer and coach; Lisa has invested herself in continued education and evidence-based practices in the field of exercise and health behavior change. Focusing on client’s interests, experiences and goals; applying the most appropriate and strengths-based programming, Lisa is a welcoming face to provide the space to strengthen your commitment to action.

It all starts with a fresh perspective and space to reflect during your initial no-cost consultation. Coaching is especially helpful for getting clarity on where you want to go and how best to get there. Ideas are exchanged and identification of past successes, existing strengths and future action is discussed.

Move forward using principles of progress and handle potential challenges together.  Self-reinforcement, raising awareness and creative brainstorming with a trusted source creates the change to overcome health threats.  Resources are provided to increase understanding of health benefits and risks.

Accountability and proven training strategies create an environment for change. Every program includes responsible exercise instruction addressing tissue health, flexibility and biomechanics. Achieve strength gains with increased joint stability and mobility to enhance daily function and quality of life.

Fresh programming and periodization will drive your strength gains, improve metabolism, and increase energy. Intuitive program adaptations consider prior injuries or medical conditions. Healthy eating, lifestyle evaluation, and stress management contribute to whole health measures.

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